Remote Academic Support Programme Guidelines -2077

We are much grateful to all of your warm and encouraging words at the time of crisis. 

As per the resolution made in the last meeting, we have planned a “Remote Academic Support Programme” (let’s not say “online class” for the sake of equity, and we are not limited to “online” only) to be launched from 25th Jestha, 2077. Here are a couple of things on how it works:

  • All the faculty members are requested to collect the contact details of students already shared in the “Faculty and Staff of BMC” messenger group.
  •  The faculty who have classes on III and IV years are requested to be in touch with students via messenger groups, phone calls, or periodic cloud meetings, and encourage them to utilize time academically and support as they need. 
  • The supervisors of BBS IV year project report are requested to supervise the students’ project report assembling them in periodic cloud meetings or via any other means that you feel comfortable. 
  • The time table has been set collaboratively.
  • Our official remote academic support days will be Sunday to Friday.
  • Our official remote academic support hours will be limited to one hour a day for this first week. This is subject to revision as per the situation.  
  • Our official remote academic support time will be just one hour in between 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Please set the meetings of one hour according to the convenience of both the parties with prior information of your support class in the messenger group.  
  • You are requested to use any cloud meeting apps among Zoom, Google Hangout Meets, or MS Teams. But while selecting, please be equally sensitive to the convenience of the other party also. 
  • Class sections do not come into effect in this support programme. That means if you have classes of the same subject in two sections of the same year, you just take one class during this support programme. Please do not forget to send an invitation in messenger groups made according to sections. 
  • Please negotiate with the students and reach to the conclusion to decide whether to revise or continue the course. Make them realize that these hours are for making face-to-face classes easier later. Don’t make the participants, and more specially non-participants, more panic in pandemic hours.   
  • Please feel free to contact the campus administration for any technical and administrative support that you need. 


Narayan Prasad Sapkota

Assistant Campus Chief

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