Bhadrakali Multiple Campus, affiliated to Tribhuvan University, is a community campus established by the collective effort of local academics, social activists, and the public in 2066 BS. Conceived and nurtured by 180 plus senators, managed by the dynamic team of social enthusiasts, led and cultivated by seasoned faculty, BMC is committed to producing professionals for the glocal competitive market. Our programmes offer limited but contemporary courses tailored to the need and level of students.


To be acknowledged nationally as an educational institution for research, community transformation, student professional capacity development, and the promotion of quality education


Ensuring that all socioeconomic groups have affordable, easy access to high-quality higher education, consequently fostering equality and access in society.


To develop competent individuals with a willingness to contribute internationally by employing high-quality higher education and research.


  • To focus program to support university and campus themes
  • To build alliance with local, regional, national, and international communities.
  • To provide sufficient qualified faculty.
  • To increase external funding to support scholarly endeavours.
  • To increase development of external partnership for research and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • To minimize barriers so as to provide access for all learners.

Message from Chairperson

Dear all,
Greetings from Bhadrakali Multiple Campus, 

It is a matter of immense joy and pride to introduce all the well- wishers and prospective students to Bhadrakali Multiple Campus (BMC) at this very moment. I am delighted to share the tremendous progress we have made in a remarkably short period, transforming BMC into one of the finest public campuses in Pokhara Valley. This achievement is the result of the unwavering dedication and contributions of local people, social activists, and academics. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have tirelessly worked to establish and maintain the high standard and true essence of education here at BMC. Our campus is relatively young, but we stand mature and ready to provide value-based education with excellent infrastructure for university courses. As a close-knit family, we are a team of dedicated faculty, an organized management system, strong leadership, and continuous support from our community, creating an academically enriching environment. Embodying our motto “Quality Education for Quality Life,” we earnestly strive to instill qualities of humanity, professionalism, knowledge, and intellect in our students. It is with great confidence that we aspire to establish BMC as a center of academic excellence in this region. Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams. We wholeheartedly welcome you to join BMC and become a part of our thriving educational community. Together, let us shape a bright and promising future for every one of you. 

Best wishes and warm regards!

Madhav Prasad Sigdel
Campus Management Committee

Message from Campus Chief

Dear prospective students,

It gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to Bhadrakali Multiple Campus, a prideful community initiative that has come a long way. Our persistent commitment to providing quality education at reasonable and affordable costs has been the cornerstone of our growth. At BMC, we are dedicated to fostering academic and professional excellence through innovative and experiential methodologies. Our proud legacy of active community engagement and quality orientation has shaped us into an institution that stands out among the rest. As we move ahead in the process of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA), we remain committed to offering a nurturing environment akin to a home away from home, equipped with a wide range of facilities and support services for all prospective students. Choosing the right institution for university education can be a challenging decision. I encourage you to explore Bhadrakali Multiple Campus and experience firsthand what sets us apart. Our vibrant campus is a hub of knowledge, intellectual pursuit, creativity, and exploration into the realm of social sciences. Dear prospective students, the choice is yours, but rest assured, we are here to offer guidance and solutions. I invite you to step into our campus, interact with our faculty, and discover the unique environment that awaits you at BMC. 

I eagerly look forward to welcoming you to our campus, where we will nurture your potential, shape your dreams, and provide you with the tools to achieve greatness.

With warm regards,
Nabaraj Regmi
Campus Chief

Courses We Offer