Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

This program is firmly dedicated to the education of students pursuing professional careers in the realms of business, industry, and government. Moreover, it is wholeheartedly committed to enriching the realm of knowledge and comprehension within the spheres of business and public administration. Its overarching goal is to equip aspiring professionals with the skills required to effectively navigate the ever-evolving global business landscape. Furthermore, the program strives to nurture socially conscious and innovative entrepreneurs who can spearhead the advancement of business and industry, contributing significantly to Nepal’s socio-economic progress. Another facet of the program’s ambition is to nurture adept managers for the public sector, individuals who possess a mastery of public policy management and governance. Hence, if your passion lies in the field of management, this program at BMC emerges as a compelling and premier choice, offering you a pathway to realize your aspirations. We offer all concentration areas as prescribed by the university.

Concentration Areas:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing