Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

The primary objective of this program is to cultivate proficient and specialized human resources in both fundamental and applied aspects of humanities, social sciences, and fine arts. The program encompasses a broad spectrum, enabling its graduates to assume leadership roles and manage various sectors within society. Furthermore, they can attain a high level of scholarly expertise in their chosen field of specialization. Within this program, the campus provides three specialized tracks: Nepali, English, and Sociology. Additionally, in order to satiate students’ thirst for knowledge in their areas of interest, the campus also presents two elective subjects, namely Mass Communication and Political Science. This program is suited for students who possess scholarly and leadership attributes, and BMC is committed to realizing their aspirations.

Major Subjects:

  1. Nepali
  2. English
  3. Sociology

Elective Subjects:

  1. Mass Communication
  2. Political Science