Bhadrakali Multiple Campus is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. Being within the constraints led down by the university, our vision is to make this campus an educational centre of excellence. We excel in the empowerment of world– class professionals and entrepreneurs from rural and developing communities. We seek to grow from rural village to global village.


We will achieve our vision by developing, implementing and continuously evaluating pedagogic innovations as well as community engagement endeavours that are innovative with a view to achieving practical development and growth. Bhadrakali Multiple Campus is designed to provide opportunities for the students to acquire fundamental knowledge, extend their knowledge and skills, and become responsible citizens for tomorrow. Our central focus is to produce intelligent and employable graduates who are respectful towards other people and the environment, selfrespectful, technically competent; able to think and solve problems; aware of the national and international developments in society and the world; and are appreciative of different worldviews and cultures. Our graduates are able and motivated to lead and make a difference, and ready to become adaptive, productive and responsible citizens.


In all our learning and teaching, and community engagement endeavours, we demonstrate and uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, ethics, accountability, and excellence. Besides, we believe positive transformation of the society can be expected from joint venture of the society and the academic institution with dynamic outlook for the future.


BMC is determined to become an incubator of professionalism, humanity and academic excellence in Western Development Region, and invites students and the public to join in this endeavour. We appeal because we aim:

  • To assist student in successful completion of their educational objectives.
  • To assist students to explore their interests and utilize aptitude so that they can shape their careers and future.
  • To enhance problem solving and creative thinking abilities in the students to cope with the changing needs and aspirations of the society in question.
  • To develop quality partnership with national/international educational and social institution for quality education.
  • To offer high quality research-based education to develop the skilled and desirable graduates with moral and fact-finding spirit.
  • To contribute for progressive social sustainability in our region through teaching, learning and research.
  • To work closely with government, local authorities and relevant organizations in achieving these goals.


To achieve the long-term aims/goals, our strategic objectives are:

  • To focus program to support university and college themes.
  • To build alliance with local, regional, national and international communities and Nepalese diaspora.
  • To provide sufficient qualified faculty.
  • To increase external funding to support scholarly endeavours.
  • To increase development of external partnership for research and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • To minimize barriers so as to access for all learners.
  • To implement career development courses through trainings and seminars on contemporary academic and behavioural qualities and issues.